Silver Lake Water Quality Improvement - Research

November 21, 2013 Community Meeting Facilitated by The NC Coastal Federation

A typical stormwater scene throughout

the village.

June 2010

Testing the Waters  (The first meeting)

Many locals who grew up on Ocracoke spent time swimming, playing and fishing in the waters of "The Creek" or Silver Lake Harbor.  A lot has changed in the last sixty years - motorized boats, ferry traffic, cars, roadways, an abundance of pets, and development.  

In June a team of wastewater and stormwater professionals met on Ocracoke to discuss innovative and environmentally friendly ways to address the need for public restrooms, stormwater runoff issues, and how to improve water quality in Silver Lake.

On August 10 through the 14th, North Carolina State University (NCSU) soil and water experts conducted basic tests in and around Silver Lake.  Through the Hyde County Extension Office and facilitated by the Ocracoke Foundation, the team used the Ocracoke School science room as a  “lab”.  

There were eight people on the team.  Housing, the use of one golf cart and two volunteers were donated. The volunteers learned alongside the NCSU team on proper testing methods and agreed to conduct additional tests after the NCSU team left. 

NCSU soil scientists in Silver Lake with local volunteers.

Thank you to Ocracoke volunteers and

Hyde County Government,

Soil and Water Division for utilizing this research to undertake stormwater problems on the island.

This is the first step towards improving water quality.