CSRP – Will Willis Store & Fish House, 1930

Waiting for the Aleta ~~            Photo from Earl O'Neal, Jr.

Waiting for the Aleta – Photo from Earl O’Neal, Jr.

The following is an excerpt from:  The  Story of Ocracoke’s Historic Community Square by Pat Garber.

Sometime around 1930, Captain Will G. Willis had a dock and fish house built. The building was a one-story, two-bay structure with a hipped roof and several shed porches. Fishermen brought their boats, full of fish to sell to the local people, and docked here. It became an unofficial center of commercial fishing. According to Blanche Joliff, they sold big blocks of ice for use in homes and on fishing boats before 1938 when electricity and refrigeration arrived on the island. Ten years later Willis turned the business into a general store as well, selling commonly needed merchandise. Read More


Outdoor Classroom: Oyster Spat Monitoring

Image Taken by Central Coordinator, Jay Styron, at Site N13

On Saturday January 12,2013 interested Ocracoke youth and adults can attend a training workshop offered by NC Sea Grant where they can learn and sign up on how to monitor oyster spat around Ocracoke.

Volunteers will deploy racks with tiles that oyster spat settle on. The racks are removed and replaced with clean tiles every 6 weeks, and then the number of spat and other organisms that settled are counted and recorded. To learn more about the spat program visit www.ncoystermonitoring.org

More information will be available at the workshop Saturday January 12, 2013 at 11AM at the Working Watermen’s Exhibit. For questions please call Outdoor Classroom coordinator Elizabeth Hanrahan eh11@earthlink.net

Summer Volunteers needed for Watermen’s Exhibit

The Ocracoke Working Watermen’s Exhibit is looking for volunteers to staff the Exhibit this summer.   Hours are flexible but usually open from 9:30AM until the evening based on weather and number of visitors on the docks.  The suggested shifts are 9:30AM – 12:30PM, 12:30PM – 3:30PM and 3:30PM – 6:30PM.   The Exhibit also needs help with educational displays, mounting and framing new photos, and scrapbooking/archiving watermen related information.  Send us an email to find out more info@ocracokefoundation.org


Creating a Sustainable Community Upcoming Meeting

Panel Community PlanningCome for a Pot Luck Dinner on Monday, November 14, 2011 at 6:00PM Ocracoke Community Center to meet Saltwater Connections Resource Team interviewers who are on the island specifically to hear from people on topics that are important for the sustainability of our island community.  Meetings will be held all day November 14 and 15, including evenings. A review of the workshops held last May and March as well as research compiled by Duke University summer intern Courtney Pickett is planned during the dinner.

The Resource Team will be comprised of “experts” from fields identified as needs from earlier workshop discussions: economic development, historic preservation, affordable housing, governance, tourism development, wastewater, conservation, sustainability and recreation.

Stay tuned for Community Planning Workshop emails and posters.  The workshops are part of a regional initiative through Saltwater Connections. The Saltwater Connections project has been funded by the NC Rural Economic Development Center to develop a regional, sustainable economic development plan. Resource Team visits have been completed in all villages of Hatteras Island and are planned for Down East Carteret County in January 2012. To learn more visit www.saltwaterconnections.org

Volunteers Needed at Watermen’s Exhibit


Hunter O’Neal explains how crabbers use a crab pot

The summer season is half over! There is no better way to escape the heat than being at the Watermen’s Exhibit. Always a breeze, activity on the harbor, otters pay a visit at dusk and hours worth of reading on Ocracoke’s maritime history. Our volunteers so far this season are Morty Gaskill, Frances Miller, Hunter O’Neal, Norma Sigal and Brian Pompeii. The Exhibit is located on the docks at the Community Square in the former Will Willis Store & Fish House, a National Register Property. There are two shifts per day 10:00AM – 2:00PM and 2:00PM – 6:00PM. Contact us to learn more!

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