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The Ocracoke Foundation (OFI) is a grass roots 501(c)(3) created in 2006. Our approach is holistic – by undertaking efforts that benefit the “whole”, we paving the way towards a sustainable Ocracoke.  Environmental stewardship, historic preservation, responsible economic development and education are our focus points.  The Foundation may undertake direct projects or assist local organizations and individuals provided the work falls under our mission guidelines. Assistance is available through direct funding, fiscal sponsorship or technical assistance.

Our Philosophy

Island Communities are unique. Un-bridged island communities are an endangered species. What draws people to live and visit these special places?

Some say they are drawn to the sense of community, a slower pace, natural environment, tradition, or the collection of unique personalities. Whatever the attraction, communities like this deserve to remain a part of American culture. The question is how?

Our Mission is community revitalization through the responsible promotion and use of Ocracoke’s assets, whereby the needs of the community – educational, economic, social, and infrastructure – are supported through direct funding, fiscal sponsorship or technical assistance.


  • Provide resources and assistance to improve civic engagement, communication amongst residents and between community organizations.
  • Initiate and continue developing projects that are sustainable, have positive environmental impact, provide dedicated revenue streams for community needs and/or job creation
  • Provide funding and support to Ocracoke’s existing organizations so they can better achieve their goals.


Main Board – OFI has nine directors on its board serving 1 year terms.  All positions are volunteer. Meetings are held twice a month. New directors who are asked to serve are chosen based on the following criteria:

  • understand that the needs of the year-round community are primary
  • be able to see the bigger economic, cultural and environmental picture without prejudice
  • have an understanding of the history and heritage of the island
  • be able to assist with a particular project, fundraising or administrative needs
  • have a positive outlook with regard to Ocracoke’s potential
  • be a full time resident or have history with the island and its community

Financials Most Recent 990 / Annual Budget Report

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